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If you visit a doctor what doubts you would like to clarify about pancreas? (AS2)

Answer :

i. What is Pancreas?

ii. Is it an endocrine gland or exocrine gland?

iii. What is the digestive juice secreted by an exocrine part of the gland?

iv. What is the name of the endocrine part?

v. What are the cells that secrete hormone in the endocrine part?

vi. What is a hormone secreted by the Pancreas?

vii. Under which conditions Pancreas secrete insulin?

viii. What is the function of the insulin?

ix. Name the disease caused by the deficiency of Insulin?

x. Where is Pancreas located in our body?

xi. How is diabetes characterized?

xii. How to control Diabetes? Is pancreatic cancer hereditary?

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