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“If big and resourceful states cannot resist the US hegemony, it is unrealistic to expect much smaller and weaker non-state actors to offer any resistance.” Examine this proposition and give your opinion.

Answer :

In the world politics, U.S.A has the position of a hegemon. After the disintegration of Soviet Union, no other country is in a position to challenge America’s authority and military power. Big and resourceful states like China, Russia, India and European Union are not in a position to challenge U.S Hegemony and these countries are not unduly antagonising the U.S. It is unrealistic to expect much smaller states to offer any resistance to U.S but it is possible that the resistance may come from a combination of Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), Social movements and public opinions. Resistance can also be initiated by intellectuals, writers, artist and mass media.

Due to globalization, the whole world has become a ‘Global Village.’ Thus, we are all labour of the village headman. If the behaviour of the village headman becomes intolerable then we have no other alternative except to resist against him because there is only one village or world where we have to live. In other words, resistance against U.S hegemony will be the only option available.

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Examine the U.S. hegemony as a structural power.

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