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Identify the figures and explain their use.

Answer :

(i) a is cartridge type fuse which is fitted with costly appliances like refrigerator, AC, geyser, TV etc. They have a proper current rating like 1 A, 2 A, 5 A etc. If the amount of current flow exceeds their ratings the fuse melts thus the circuit opens and current flow stops protecting the appliance from damage during overloading, short-circuiting or faulty in appliances.

(ii) b is MCB[ miniature circuit breakers ] is automatically operated switch. When current flow exceeds their limit during short-circuiting or overloading they automatically trip down thus breaking the circuit and stops the flow of current. Thus protects the electrical appliances from damage and also from getting electrical shocks. They are mainly used in low voltage electrical network.

(iii) c is an electric motor which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is used in electric gadgets like a fan, juicer, washing machine, mixer, grinder etc.

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