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(i) The unveiling of the stranger was an unplanned and sudden for himself as for the people of Iping. The Halls hear rumors about the burglary the night before. Everyone at the bar was interested in the strange behaviour of the man who isn’t already liked by the villagers. Mrs. Hall and the stranger start arguing about money because he hasn’t paid his bills recently. But then he says he found some more money and would be happy to pay. This makes everyone think that he was behind the burglary at the vicar’s house. Finally, the stranger gets so fed up that he reveals himself to the people at the bar. Everyone in the village was surprised. The villagers who weren’t in the Coach and Horses came running to see what was the screaming all about. Constable Jaffers comes to arrest the stranger. But when he goes to the inn, they find a headless figure eating some bread and cheese. He reveals himself to be the invisible man. The stranger fights with the crowd and seems to be losing and says that he will surrender but instead takes off all his clothes and became invisible. The Invisible Man starts to beat down on the crowd and they all panic.

(ii) There are several rustic characters in the novel “The Invisible man” that makes the plot of the novel attractive to the readers. Characters such as Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Teddy Henfrey, Fearenside, Sandy Wadgers etc. are important links in the development of the plot of the novel. Iping was a tiny village where everybody knows each other. There is Sandy wadgers, the blacksmith; Teddy Henfrey, the clock jobber; Mr. Huxter, the store owner; Jaffers, the constable; Fearenside, the carter; Gibbins, the amateur naturalist and few others. Mr. Hall drinks and Mrs. Hall nags him about drinking. Mr. Hall takes out her frustrations on Millie, their servant. In other words, they are a stereotypical country couple. Likewise there are many people in Iping, but the readers remember Cuss and Bunting because they got their clothes stolen. The mariner in Port Stowe, though has a small role tells us that the invisible man was all in the newspaper and his description makes it more realistic. However, the most rustic character that makes the novel plot very intriguing is Thomas Marvel. Marvel was an easy-going low-wit man who liked being alone and reclusive. His life before meeting Griffin was quite peaceful, though he had his own challenges to face. He had to be Griffin’s accompliance against his wish as he was threatened to do so. He often expressed his wish to be free of the responsibilities Griffin had assigned him. He also tried to give him a slip but Griffin caught him. Marvel was trapped in Griffin’s schemes. The Invisible Man is a tale of suspense that focuses on the scientist who has discovered how to make himself invisible. This experiment was not fully successful. He tried to make Kemp a part of his scheme but fails to enlist his support. Kemp betrays him and calls Adye, the police chief. Griffin gets injured and meets his tragic end at the hands of the townspeople.

(iii) Gold and money are the substitutes for love and companionship in the life of Silas Marner. Silas looses faith in God and in other people after the incident from Lantern Yard where his bestfriend, William Dane accused him of robbery. The sadness that accompanied the accusation was made worse when Dane also took Marner’s fiancée from him. He became obsessed with the acquisition and hoarding of gold. Gold as an object becomes the recipient of all the human love and affection that he once directed towards his friends and community. For Silas, gold at first symbolizes the achievement of earthly goals. Silas runs to the rainbow after he discovers that his pot of gold has been stolen. A part in the novel says as Silas reaches forward to take what he thinks is his lost gold, “instead of the hard coin with the familiar resisting outline, his fingers encountered soft warm curls”. That’s when gold taken on more of a symbolic meaning in the novel. He not only saves and hides gold, but also admires it lovingly. He gives it attention and care worthy of a child. The gold symbolizes Marner’s isolation and his exclusion from human love and affection. His heart is entirely directed towards gold and he appears cold and unfeeling to those around him. It is only through Eppie’s appearance that Marner begins to love and cherish other human beings again. Eppie’s golden hair allows her to resemble the gold, creating a strong connection between Silas’ reaction to his gold and to his adopted child. His love for gold isolates him while his love for Eppie re-connects him to community. Eppie symbolizes Silas’ gradual absorption into common life.

(iv) Silas Marner spends years in isolation just to gather gold when one day he faces such an event that changed his life. All the gold that he had accumulated was stolen by Dunsey Cass, the wretched son of the town’s squire. On facing such a situation Silas went into a fit that concerned everyone in town, as he loses it so bad that he enters the Rainbow in a complete shock, and collapses there. He faced such a situation because his life was like a formula where his only formula was to collect gold, keep it to himself, and gratify his physical needs. He did all this to suppress the deep depression he carried with him followed by his disgrace at Lantern Yard. This was followed by the coming of baby Eppie, the child of Godfrey Cass and an opium fiend who dies on her way to Raveloe to confront Epie’s father. As Silas is away, his warm cottage serves as refuge to baby Eppie. Her gold hair, her innocent ways, and the way she shows up out of nowhere in the middle of winter seem to strike the proverbial nerve in Silas once, he sees her. We see how his entire personality changes at the site of the baby who is unknown to him where on the contrary a person would be anxious to where where the child came from and what to do with her. This proves as a turning point for Silas as he finally comes out as who he really is a true, loving creature who needs to be loved back, like once he was. This encounter changes him entirely and proves that in the war between love and luxury, love has priority. He changes from the odd eye-balled enigmatic weaver, to a loving and kind adoptive father who is entirely enchanted by this baby girl who grows up into a beautiful young lady and completes Silas’s life for good. This is how love triumphs over luxury.

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