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(I) A compound ‘X’ of Sodium is used as an antacid and it decomposes on strong heating.

a) Name the compound ‘X’ and give its chemical formula.

b) Write a balanced chemical equation to represent the decomposition of ‘X’.

c) Give one use of compound ‘X’ besides antacid.


(II) You are provided with 90 ml distilled water and 10 ml concentrated Sulphuric acid to prepare dilute Sulphuric acid.

a) What is the correct way of preparing dilute Sulphuric acid? Give reasons.

b) How will the concentration of ion change on dilution?

Answer :

a) X is sodium Bicarbonate or Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate. Its chemical formula is .


c) Apart from antacids, it is used as baking soda which causes expansion or rise in the batter which gives the characteristic taste to cakes or idlis.


a) Take a large beaker of say 200 ml or more than the required volume make up (100 ml). Now, pour the acid in to the beaker gently and slowly followed by water. Pour the water very slowly in the beaker (containing acid). As it is an exothermic reaction, meaning it gives or releases heat therefore, it not advisable to add acid to water. Also, gloves should be worn to avoid any accident. Further, always carry this dilution process in the fume hood. Fume hood is an instrument or chamber provided in the laboratory which is used to consume of all the fumes formed during an experiment. Thus, it will take all the fumes given by Sulphuric acid.

b)A given solution of acid is diluted using water, the volume of the solution increases. However, the number of Hydronium ions remains same in the solution. But, the number of Hydronium ions per unit volume decreases. Hence, the concentration of Hydronium ions decreases.

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