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How have Belgium and Sri Lanka dealt with the question of power sharing differently?

Answer :

Belgium and Sri Lanka are democratic countries having diverse social setups. Yet, both took completely different approaches when it came to sharing of power.


• Belgium accommodated the interests of its two main ethnic groups - Dutch and French by formulating a power-sharing arrangement that gave both the groups an equal share in the working of the government.

• The Belgians realized that this was the only way of securing the country’s political stability and unity.

• This ensured that feelings of resentment towards the other community did not flourish in Belgium.

The power-sharing arrangement in Belgium, although complex, has been running smoothly over the years.

Sri Lanka, on the other hand, took a different stand with respect to power-sharing.

• The government in Sri Lanka was totally dominated by the majority Sinhala-speaking population, thereby ignoring the Tamil people.

• Power was concentrated in the hands of only one community, thereby undermining the interests of the others.

• This approach affected the unity of Sri Lankan population. Over the years, Sri Lanka has been riddled with civil wars and political instability.

• Refusal to share power has resulted in the weakening of the country.

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