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How does cell to cell movement of water take place in plants?

Answer :

The cell to cell movement of water in the plants occur by following ways:

1. Diffusion: It is the process of movement of substances from higher level concentration to lower level through a semi-permeable membrane.

2. Osmosis: It is the movement of water through plasma membrane from a region of low solute concentration to a region of high solute concentration.

3. Through xylem: Xylem is a complex tissue present in the vascular plants that help in the transport (movement) of water from one cell to another. The xylem transport the water from roots to the tip of the plant.

4. Transpirational pull: The loss of water in the form of vapour from the aerial parts of the plant is known as transpiration. This evaporative loss results in the upward pull of water from one cell to another cell. This pull is known as a transpirational pull.

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