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How do historians divide the past into periods? Do they face any problems in doing so?

Answer :

History consists of everything from our past and it becomes very easy for the historians to divide history into various phases or periods which depends on various factors like social, cultural, economic and political.
E.g., British historians had divided Indian history on the bases of the religion of rulers, i.e., Hindu, Muslim and British, without considering the fact that majority of people in India are Hindus and people with many diverse cultures in had lived together since many years.
However, most of the history is studied today on the bases of social change in the world, i.e.,
a. Ancient
b. Medieval
c. Modern
One of the significant issues, when we study history, is that we tend to compare history with the modern period, which gives us a sense of technological advancement and progress, and had a belief in our mind that no progress was made in other phases of history which is not true.

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