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Being responsible citizens of this nation, it is our duty to keep the public spaces clean and advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Following are some of the ways one could do this:

1. During association meetings or another official/unofficial gatherings, one could make it a point to talk a little about how important it is to keep out surroundings clean, having access to toilets, segregating the trash before throwing it and also be aware of their lifestyle.

2. Funds could be raised to clean up spaces or build toilets in rural areas .

3. Small plays or performances with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan as the central theme could be performed to increase awareness.

4. A small group could set out to clean up the common spaces of your locality. This would definitely set an example and motivate others to join as well.

5. Talking to people about the diseases and illnesses that could be caused due to unclean surroundings and also the long-term effects of an unhealthy lifestyle.

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