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Q. 1Who is known as ‘Father of modern Genetics’?
  • A.Antoine Lavoisier
  • B.Ernst Haeckel
  • C.Gregor Mendel
  • D.Einstein
  • Q. 2Which section of DNA provides information for one protein?
  • A.Nucleus
  • B.Chromosomes
  • C.Trait
  • D.Gene
  • Q. 3Which of the following is not majorly controlled by genes?
  • A.Weight of person
  • B.Height of person
  • C.Hair colour
  • D.Eye colour
  • Q. 4Homologous organs have?
  • A.Same structure and same functions
  • B.Different structure and different functions
  • C.Same structure and different function
  • D.Different structure and same function
  • Q. 5Arrange the following statements in order of True/False.

    a. All the variations in a species have equal chances of surviving in the environment in which they find themselves.

    b. Greater diversity will be generated in sexual reproduction as compared to diversity generated in asexual reproduction.

    c. A section of DNA that provides information for a protein is called a Gene.

  • A.FTT
  • B.TTT
  • C.FFF
  • D.FTF