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Once upon a time a mouse eagerly asked a magician to change her into a beautiful girl as she wanted to marry the strongest person.

After the magician blessed the tiny mouse with extremely beautiful looks of a girl, the mouse was confronted with the question of “Who was stronger?”

Comparing the sun and the cloud, the tiny mouse considered the sun to be much stronger as its position was constant whereas the clouds moved and changed their position time and again. However, she still asked the clouds the same question. The clouds refused to marry her and told her that the mountain was much stronger than both the sun and him (clouds).

Now, progressing towards her answers, she went to the mountain and explained her confusions. The mountain told her that the strongest of all those she had encountered was the mouse only because of its tiny size. Although the sun, the mountain, and the clouds were huge in size, the mouse was the most appropriate because it enjoyed many advantages being tiny in size and free in its movements. The mountain was thus successful in making the girl realize the value of little things in life.

The girl, in this manner, understood the value of being a mouse and turned back to a mouse again.

NOTE – The given answer is just an example. In such questions, students can use their own creative ideas in framing their answers.

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