Q. 1 D

Choose the correct answer

Harun-al-Rashid was the able emperor of ………………….

A. Abbasid dynasty

B. Umayyad dynasty

C. Sassanid dynasty

D. Mongol dynasty

Answer :

Explanation: The Abbasid dynasty ruled the Arab Empire at the height of its glory, and its empire was Harun-al-Rashid.

Option (b) is incorrect because the Umayyad dynasty refers to the rule of the Caliphs, a part of Mohammad’s family, who ruled for around a century with their capital at Damascus.

Option (c) is incorrect because the Sassanid dynasty refers to an ancient Iranian empire that fell to Arabian conquest.

Option (d) is incorrect because the Mongol dynasty refers to a nomadic people experienced in warfare and led by Chengiz Khan who ruled large parts of Eurasia.

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