Q. 2

Given below is a diagram showing ATP synthesis during aerobic respiration, replace the symbols A, B, C, D and E by appropriate terms given in the box.


F1, Particle, Pi, 2H+, Inner mitochondrial membrane, ATP, Fo particle, ADP

Answer :

A= ATP = It is the end product which is formed in ATP synthesis.

B = F1 particle : The F1 particle is a peripheral membrane protein complex and it has the site for the synthesis of ATP from ADP and inorganic phosphate.

C = Pi : It is the inorganic phosphatase which is present along with ADP for the formation of ATP.

D = 2H+ :For every ATP which is produced during the ATP synthesis process, the 2H+ ions passes through F0 from the inner mitochondrial space to the matrix down the electrochemical proton gradient.

E = Inner mitochondrial membrane = It is the membrane from which 2H+ ions pass through to the matrix.

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