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Give the basic features of the mechanism of inheritance.

Answer :

Transmission of genetic characteristic from one generation to next is termed as inheritance. The basic features of the mechanism of inheritance are-

Each genetic character is controlled by a gene.

Genes are units of hereditary and are responsible for inheritance. Genes controls the expression of a trait or a character in an organism. Genes are located on the chromosomes inside the nucleus of the cell.

Each gene has two or more alternating forms called as alleles. One of the allele is dominant while other is recessive.

Each parent possesses a pair of genes for each characteristic on a chromosome.

Each cell has two copies of each chromosome, one each from the male and female parents.

Every germ-cell will take one chromosome from each pair and these may be of either

maternal or paternal origin.

When two germ cells combine, they will restore the normal number of chromosomes in the progeny, ensuring the stability of the DNA of the species

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