Q. 4

Give an example each of the three kinds of hegemony that are dealt with in the chapter. Do not cite examples that are in the chapter.

Answer :

After the end of the Cold War there was no serious rival to United States. United States became a hegemony state and the only superpower in the world politics. There are three types of hegemony that are dealt within the chapter.

1. Hegemony as Hard Power – Tenzen was an artist living in Nigeria and was planning to join art and craft academy to give proficiency to her artistic aptitude. But she lost her leg in 2003 missile attack by the US. After she overcame it, she made efforts to achieve and fulfil her dreams if the foreign armies leave her country.

2. Hegemony as Structural Power – Anwar is very good in his studies in the countryside of Middle East Asia and is planning to study subjects from arts stream to accommodate him in different aspects as per requirements. But parents want him to be a master in computers to become a software engineer due to flair for job opportunities in the same.

3. Hegemony as Soft Power – Mayank is a young and energetic man of Melbourne, immigrants from Russia. His father gets upset when he puts on black shirt with white jeans while he goes to church. He justifies that black colour which signifies protest for freedom and white signifies freedom in a peaceful manner.

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Examine the U.S. hegemony as a structural power.

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