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Find the volume of CO2 at NTP obtained on heating 10 g of 90% pure limestone.

Answer :

Chemical Formula of Limestone is CaCO3

Molecular Mass of Calcium Carbonate = 100 g/mol

10 grams of 100% pure of CaCO3 = 10gm of CaCO3

90% pure CaCO3 means, it will contain = of CaCO3

= 9 gm of CaCO3

Number of moles of CaCO3 =


= 0.09 mol


The reaction is given as follows:

Now according to the above reaction,

1 mole of CaCO3 gives 1 mole of CO2

So, 0.09 moles of CaCO3 will give 0.09 moles of CO2

Now according to the mole concept,

1 mole of CO2 will occupy 22.4 L by volume.

So, 0.09 moles of CO2 will occupy 22.4 × 0.09 L by volume

So total volume occupied = 2.016 L

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