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Find the dimensions of

A. linear momentum,

B. frequency and

C. pressure

Answer :

A. Linear momentum is the amount of motion contained in a moving body. Mathematically, linear momentum is simply the product of the mass of a body and its velocity.

Linear momentum(p)=mass(m)× velocity(v)

The dimensions of p are the dimensions of m× v

Dimensions of m = [ M]

Dimensions of v

Dimensions of mv=[M]× [LT-1] = [MLT-1]

Hence the dimensions of linear momentum are [MLT-1].

B. Frequency is defined as the reciprocal of time period.

Dimensions of t = [T1]

Dimensions of f = .

C. Pressure is defined as force per unit area acting normally to the area.

Dimensions of F = [MLT-2]

Dimensions of A = [L2]

Dimensions of P = .

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