Answer :

(a) The new castes emerging with in varnas were called jatis.

As the economy and the needs of society grew, people with new skills were required. On the basis of their work and their status in the society they were divided in different jatis.

(b) Buranjis were historical works written by the Ahoms.

Buranjis are a class of historical chronicles. The first Buranji was written on the instructions of the first Ahom king Sukaphaa who established the Ahom kingdom in 1228.

(c) The Akbar Nama mentions that Garha Katanga had 70,000 villages.

Akbar Nama is the official chronicle of the reign Akbar, the third Mughal Emperor.

(d) As tribal states became bigger and stronger, they gave land grants to poets and scholars.

In medieval time when tribal states became bigger and stronger, they start giving land grants to poets and scholars.

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