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Fill in the blanks:

a. Production of new individuals from the vegetative part of a parent is called __________.

b. A flower may have either male or female reproductive parts. Such a flower is called ______.

c. The transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of the same or of another flower of the same kind is known as _______.

d. The fusion of male and female gametes is termed as _______.

e. Seed dispersal takes place by means of ____,____ and _______.

Answer :

a. vegetative propagation.

Vegetative propagation is a type of asexual reproduction in which new plants are produced from roots, stems, leaves and buds.

b. unisexual flowers.

The flowers which contain either only the pistil or only the stamens are called unisexual unisexual unisexual flowers. Example-Papaya and cucumber produce unisexual flower

c. pollination

The means of pollination are wind, water and insects.

d. fertilization

Fertilization results in the formation of zygote which begins to develop into an Embryo.

e. wind, insect, water.

Seeds and fruits of plants are carried away by wind, water and animals.

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