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Fig. 10.1 shows a measuring scale which is usually supplied with a geometry box. Which of the following distance cannot be measured with this scale by using it only once?

A. 0.1 m

B. 0.15 m

C. 0.2 m

D. 0.05 m

Answer :

The length of the measuring scale is 15 cm or 0.15 m.

Formula used:

1 m = 100 cm

The given distances in cm are:

(a) 0.1 m = 0.1×100 = 10 cm

(b) 0.15 m = 0.15×100 = 15 cm

(c ) 0.2 m = 0.2×100 = 20 cm

(d) 0.05 m = 0.05×100 = 5 cm

Tip: To measure a distance using any scale only once, the distance should be less than or equal to the length of the scale.

The options (a),(b) and (d) are less than or equal to 15 cm. So, they can be measured using the given scale.

But (c) is 0.2 m(20 cm) which is bigger than 15 cm. So, it cannot be measured using the scale only once.

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