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Explain with examples the accommodative experience of Belgium for peace and harmony.

Answer :

The accommodative experience of Belgium for peace and harmony is explained below:

● The constitution of Belgium has an equal number of Dutch and French-speaking minister in the central government.

● Some of the special laws require the support of the majority of the members from both the linguistic groups so the decisions cannot be made unilaterally by only 1 community.

● Many powers of the central government have been given to the state government of the two regions of the country.

● The state governments are not subordinate to the central government.

● Apart from the two governments, the third type of government is formed called the community government.

● The people belonging to 1 language community vote for it, disregarding where they live.

● This government takes the decision regarding cultural and language-related issues.

● Brussels has a separate government in which both the community have equal representation.

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