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Explain the main

Answer :

A democracy is a form of governance that works in a manner in which, the common people choose a person to represent them at the government. It is also called a ‘Representative democracy’. Their main features are:

1. Sovereignty- people represent the people who form the government and they, in turn, take care of the need and problems of the common masses

2. Equality- In a democracy, all people are equal and have to be treated as equals. They all have equal opportunities and rights as citizens of the country.

3. Collective Responsibility- In a democracy, the ministers in the government are accountable for the welfare and development of the country and are responsible towards the Lok Sabha . But the citizens also have a set of duties that they should perform to keep the country in harmony.

4. Freedom of Opinion- This is one of the main features of democracy. Every individual has the right to put forth their opinion on the government or the country as far as it does not violate any law or right of others

5. The rule of law- the law, put forth is supreme. No individual in the country is above the law.

Democracy is the best form of governance as it is inclusive and respects every individual in the country.

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