Q. 14

Explain the follo

Answer :


Ozone is thermodynamically unstable with respect to oxygen because its decomposition into oxygen results in the liberation of heat.

Ozone consists of 3 molecules of O and thus in it’s in an unstable state . Hence in order to get stable it gives up its one molecule of oxygen to restore diatomic state.

In this process eventually large amount of heat is released therefore it is an endothermic reaction .

3O2 2O3 ΔH0298K = +142KJmol-1.


As moving down the group 15 , the central atom of the elements becomes reluctant to hybridization (due to larger size) Hence, it is closer to pure p character for the orbitals on E associated with E-H bond.

Also as one move down the group , the electronegativity also decreases steadily due to increase in size and lone pair – bond pair repulsion becomes more and more effective hence bond angle decreases down the group in the order of NH3 > PH3 > AsH3> SbH3 > BiH3 .


Bleaching effect of chlorine is permanent unlike other bleaching agents like SO2 whose bleaching property is based on reduction using nascent hydrogen (H).

Bleaching action of Cl2 is actually based on oxidation of the compounds which requires nascent oxygen (O) .

This nascent oxygen (O) is a more powerful oxidizing agent it is solely responsible for the bleaching action of Cl in presence of moisture which i left a permanent decolouration on the substance.


Cl2(g) + H2O(l) HCl(aq) + HOCl(aq)

Both HCl and HOCl makes Acidic solution.


Dye(Coloured) + HOCl(aq) HCl(aq) + {Dye + [O]}(colourless)

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