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The US got involved in this war in Vietnam because they feared that a communist government would come in power after the national libration front formed a coalition with Ho Chi Minh government in the north, against the Ngo Dinh Diem’s regime.

The following were the causes of the US involvement in the war in Vietnam:

(i) To prevent the spread of communism: The US policy planners got afraid of the victory of the Ho Chi Minh government. Communist government would be established in other countries in the area. The US could not tolerate the spread of communism and decided to intervene decisively.

(ii) Humiliation: France had to face great humiliation in Vietnam. America, therefore, and wanted to crush this country forever in order to save the prestige of the capitalist countries like France.

(iii) Establish democracy: US wanted to establish democracy in Vietnam but North Vietnam was led by communist party so they tried to influence the southern Vietnam. America did not want the unification of South Vietnam gladdened America. But when the heads of the two parts (North Vietnam and South Vietnam) tried to unify them the US could not tolerate. It sent troops and arms in Vietnam to crush its power.

But US into the war proved costly to the Vietnamese as well as the Americans.

Effect of involvements on life within the US

(i) The widespread attack caused huge killing of civilians and armed forces. Several people became critical of the US government for getting involved in a war that they saw as indefensible. American youth highly rejected to participate in war.

(ii) Even though the US had advanced technology and good medical supplies, casualties were high.

(iii) When the youth were drafted for the war, the anger spread. Compulsory service in the armed forces was waived for university graduates. This meant that many of those sent to fight belonged to working-class families.

(iv) Use of advanced technology and weapons increased the expenses of US which led to increment in taxes and public debt. Due to large supply of food to army troops, inflation increased that effected US economy badly.

(v) US was criticized by its political leader, media and other nation for brutal war in Vietnam. For underestimating the power of small country, US had to pay cost by losing the war.

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