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What is the cost of fencing a circular place of radius 7.7 m. with three rounds of wire, if the wire costs Rs 50 per m?

Answer :

We have

Given: Radius of the circular fence, r = 7.7 m

The wire is about the circular fence. So, we need to find the circumference of this circular fence in order to find the length of the wire used in 1 round of fence.

Circumference of circle is given by,

Circumference = 2πr



If the circumference of the circular fence = 48.4 m

Then, length of wire used in 1 round = 48.4 m

length of wire used in 3 rounds = 3 × 48.4

= 145.2 m

If the cost of 1 m of wire used = Rs. 50

Then, cost of 145.2 m of wire used = 50 × 145.2

= 7260

Thus, cost of fencing the circular place with 3 rounds of wire is Rs. 7260.

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