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The following table shows the ages of the patients admitted in a hospital during a year:

Find the mode and the mean of the data given above. Compare and interpret the two measures of central tendency.

Answer :

We may compute class marks (xi) as per the relation


Now, let assumed mean (A) = 30

∑fi=80, ∑fidi=430


= 30 + = 30+ 5.375


It represents that on an average the age of patients admitted was 35.38 years. As we can observe that the maximum class frequency 23 belonging to class interval 35-45.

So, modal class= 35-45

Lower limit (l) of modal class =35

Frequency (f1) of the modal class=23


Frequency (f0)of class preceding the modal class=21

Frequency (f2) of class succeeding the modal class =14



=35 + 1.81 =36.8years

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