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In the first proof reading of a book containing 300 pages the following distribution of misprints was obtained:

Find the average number of misprints per page.

Answer :

To find : the average number of misprints per page.
Solution :
Use the shortcut method to find the mean of given data.
For that,
Let the assumed mean be (A) = 2,
The deviation of values xi from assumed mean be di = xi – A.
Now to find the mean:
First multiply the frequencies in column (ii) with the value of deviations in column (iii) as fidi.
Construct the table using above information.
The table is as follows:

Now add the sum of all entries in column (iii) to obtain 
 and the sum of all frequencies in the column (ii) to obtain 
Average number of misprints per day = A +

where, N = total number of observations

⇒ Mean = 2 +
   Mean =

   Mean = 
   Mean = 0.73

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