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In deltaABC, A = 30o, B = 40o and C = 110o. Indeltapqr, P = 30o, Q = 40o and R = 110o. A student says that deltaabc congruent deltapqr by AAA congruence criterion. Is he justified? Why or why not?

Answer :

According to the question, in ABC, A = 30o, B = 40o and C = 110o

And, in , P = 30o, Q = 40o and R = 110o

We have to justify that:

Is , by AAA congruence rule

As the given property shows that the two triangles have their all three respective angles equal.

But, no information explains any of the sides.

Thus, it can be concluded that AAA Property does not prove the triangle to be congruent.

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