Q. 6

The following table gives the distribution of the monthly income of 600 families in a certain city:

Draw a 'less than' and 'more than' ogive curve for the above data on the same graph and from these find the median.

Answer :

Now, taking monthly income on x-axis and their respective frequencies on y-axis we can draw its ogive as follows:

Now, we have n = 600

The cumulative Frequency just greater than is 430 then the median class is 150 – 225 such that

the lower limit (l) = 150

cumulative frequency of the class preceding 150 – 225 (cf) = 230

frequency of the median class 150 – 225 = 200,

class size (h) = 75

Using the formula,,we have

= 150 +26.25

= 176.25

= 176(approx.)

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