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In Fig. 6.55, QS

Answer :

Given: QS PR, RT PQ and QS = RT

Formula Used/Theory:-

If hypotenuse and 1 sides of Right angled triangle are equal in both the triangles then both triangles are congruent by RHS congruence criterion

In ∆QSR and ∆RTQ

As ∆QSR, ∆RTQ both are right angle triangle

Right angled at QSR and RTQ

QR = QR (Hypotenuse)

QS = TR (Given)


Hence; both triangles are congruent by RHS criterion

If ∆QSR ∆RTQ then;

All 3 angles of one triangle will be equal to all 3 angles of another triangles

⇒ ∠Q = R



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