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In Fig. 6.51, PQ = PS and 1 = 2.

(i) Is ∆PQR ∆PSR? Give reasons.

(ii) Is QR = SR? Give reasons.

Answer :

Given: PQ = PS and 1 = 2

Formula Used/Theory:-

when 2 sides and angle between both the sides are equal in both the triangles then triangles are congruent by SAS congruence criterion

In Δ PQR and Δ PSR

PQ = PS (Given)

PR = PR (Common)

QPR = SPR (Given)


Hence; Δ PQR and Δ PSR are congruent by SAS criterion

If ∆PQR ∆PSR then;

All 6 perimeters are equal.

PQ = PS; PR = PR; QR = SR

1 = 2; Q = S; PRQ = PRS

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