Q. 113

Jiya walks 6 km due east and then 8 km due north. How far is she from her starting place?

Answer :

Given: 6km in east

8km in north

Formula Used/Theory:-

When jiya moved from east to north it possess 90° angle

And the distance of position to his home will be hypotenuse

And form an right angled triangle

Pythagoras theorem:-

side2 + side2 = Hypotenuse2

As 8km and 6km are 2 sides of right angled triangle


82 + 62 = Hypotenuse2

Hypotenuse2 = 64 + 36 = 100

Hypotenuse = √100

Hypotenuse = 10km

jiya is 10 km from his house

Result:- Jiya is 10 km from his house

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