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Number of children in six different classes are given below. Represent the data on a bar graph.

(a) How would you choose a scale?

(b) Answer the following questions:

(i) Which class has the maximum number of children? And the minimum?

(ii) Find the ratio of students of class sixth to the students of class eighth.

Answer :

The bar graph of the given data is represented below:

(a) Here,

We will choose a scale as follows:

1 unit = 10 children

We will take this scale because with this scale we can represent a better and clear difference among the number of students of class 7th and class 9th.

(b) .

(i) We can see that,

The tallest bar is of class fifth


We can say that,

The maximum number of students are in class fifth.


We can observe that,

The smallest bar is of class tenth


We can say that,

There are least number of students in class tenth.

(ii) Now,


We can clearly see that,

There are 120 students in class sixth


There are 100 students in class eighth


The ratio between the number of students of class sixth and the number of students of class eighth can be calculated as follows:



= 6 : 5

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