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Below is a list of 10 tallest buildings in India. This list ranks buildings in India that stand at least 150m (492 ft.) tall, based on standard height measurement. This includes spires and architectural details but does not include antenna marks. Following data is given as per the available information till 2009. Since new buildings are always under construction, go on-line to check new taller buildings.

Use the information given in the table about sky scrapers to answer the following questions:

A. Find the height of each storey of the three tallest buildings and write them in the following table:

B. The average height of one storey for the buildings given in (a) is ___________.

C. Which city in this list has the largest percentage of skyscrapers? What is the percentage?

D. What is the range of data?

E. Find the median of the data.

F. Draw a bar graph for given data.

Answer :


(B) Average height of 1 storey =

Sum of all 3 heights of each storey

= 4.15 + 4.15 + 3.93 = 12.23

Average = = 4.076

(C) the city with maximum skyscrapers is Mumbai

Percentage =

Percentage = = 90%

(D) Range = Maximum height – lowest height

= 249m-156

= 93m

(E) For median arrange heights in ascending order


Median of even number terms is mean of and term

Median of even number terms is mean of 5thand 6th term

Median = mean of 180 and 181

Median = = 180.5

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