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Observe the given data:

A. Draw a bar graph to represent the above given information.

B. On which day of the week was the sales maximum?

C. Find the total sales during the week.

D. Find the ratio of the minimum sale to the maximum sale.

E. Calculate the average sale during the week.

F. On how many days of the week was the sale above the average sales?

Answer :


(B) The sale is maximum on Saturday

60 mobile set are sold which is maximum among al days

(C) Min sale = 27(Friday)

Max sale = 60(Saturday)

Ratio = 27:60

= 9:20

(D) Average sale of week =

Total number of sales

Is 50 + 45 + 30 + 55 + 27 + 60

= 267

Mean = = 44.5

(E) On 4 days the sale was above average sale

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

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