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Study the double bar graph shown below and answer the questions that follow:

A. What information is represented by the above double bar graph?

B. In which month sales of Brand A decreased as compared to the previous month?

C. What is the difference in sales of both the Brands for the month of June?

D. Find the average sales of Brand B for the six months.

E. List all months for which the sales of Brand B was less than that of Brand A.

F. Find the ratio of sales of Brand A as compared to Brand B for the month of January.

Answer :

(A) this graph represent Sales of brand A and B in different months in lakhs

(B) In march Brand A sale gets decreased

As sales in March = 30 lakhs

Sales in February = 34 lakhs

(C) In June

Sales of Brand A = 57

Sales of brand B = 54

Difference in sales of both brand = 57-54

= 3 Lakhs

(D) Average =

Total sales of Brand B = 36 + 38 + 43 + 35 + 45 + 54

= 251

Number of months = 6

Average =

= 41.83 lakhs

(E) In month of April and June sale of brand B is less than sales of brand A

In both months bar of Brand A is larger than bar of Brand B

(F) in January

Sales of brand A = 31 lakhs

Sales of brand B = 36 lakhs

Ratio = 31:36

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