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The bar graph given below shows the marks of students of a class in a particular subject:

Study the bar graph and answer the following questions:

A. If 40 is the pass mark, then how many students have failed?

B. How many students got marks from 50 to 69?

C. How many students scored 90 marks and above?

D. If students who scored marks above 80 are given merits then how many merit holders are there?

E. What is the strength of the class?

Answer :

(A) 4 students have failed

As they got marks from 30-39

(B) Students of 50-59 marks are 7

Students of 60-69 marks are 11

students got 50-69 marks are 7 + 11

= 18

(C) 4 student scores 90 and above

As there 4 students having 90-99 marks

(D) Students of 80-89 marks are 6

Students of 90-99 marks are 4

students got 80 marks and above marks are 6 + 4

= 10

(E) Strength of class = number of students

= 42

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