Q. 6 B4.3( 3 Votes )

Find the equation of the hyperbola, referred to its principal axes as axes of coordinates, in the following cases:

conjugate axis is 5 and the distance between foci = 13

Answer :

Given: the distance between the foci = 13 and conjugate axis is 5

To find: the equation of the hyperbola

Formula used:

For hyperbola:

Distance between the foci is 2ae and b2 = a2(e2 – 1)

Length of conjugate axis is 2b


2ae = 13

b2 = a2(e2 – 1)

b2 = a2e2 – a2

Equation of hyperbola is:

Hence, required equation of hyperbola is 25x2 – 144y2 = 900

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