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Sushant has a vessel of the form of an inverted cone, open at the top of height 11 cm and radius of top as 2.5 cm and is full of water. Metallic spherical balls each of diameter 0.5 cm are put in the vessel due to which of the water in the vessel flows out. Find how many balls were put in the vessel. Sushant made the arrangement so that the water that flows out irrigates the flower beds. What value has been shown by Sushant?

Answer :

Height of the conical vessel, h’ = 11cm

It’s radius, r’ and r’’ resp.: r’ = 2.5cm r’’ = 0.25cm

Assume the number of spherical balls that were dropped in the vessel as ‘n’

Volume of water replaces by the spherical ball = volume of spherical balls dropped into the vessel

(2/5) × Volume of the cone = n × each spherical ball

(2.5)2 ×11 = n × 10 × (0.25)3

n = 440

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