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An iron spherical ball has been melted and recast into smaller balls of equal size. If the radius of each of the smaller balls is 1/4 of the radius of the original ball, how many such balls are made? Compare the surface area, of all the smaller balls combined together with that of the original ball.

Answer :

Let the radius of bigger spherical be R

Volume of bigger spherical ball = 3

Radius of smaller spherical ballR

Volume of smaller ball 3

Let number of equal size spherical balls be n

Volume of n equal spherical ball =Volume of bigger spherical ball

n × (R/4)3 R3

n = 43

n = 64 balls

Surface area of bigger spherical ball =4π R2

Surface area of smaller spherical ball 2

Ratio between the surface area of bigger and 64 smaller spherical ball

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