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A letter is chosen at random from the letters of the word ‘ASSOCIATION’. Find the probability that the chosen letter is a (i) vowel, (ii) consonant, (iii) an S.

Answer :

Total numbers of letters in the given word ASSOCIATION = 11

(i) Let E be the event of getting a vowel

The favourable outcomes are: (A, O, I, A, I, O)

Number of vowels in the given word = 6

P (getting a vowel) = P (E) = 6/11

(ii) Let E be the event of getting a consonant

Favourable consonants in the given word = (S, S, C, T, N)

The numbers of favourable outcomes = 5

P (getting a consonant) = P (E) = 5/11

(iii) Let E be the event of getting S

Number of S in the given word or number of favourable outcomes = 2

P (getting an S) = P (E) = 2/11

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