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A bag contains 8 red,6 white and 4 black balls. A ball is drawn at random from the bag. Find the probability that the ball is drawn is :

(a) Red or white

(b) Not black

(c) Neither white Nor black

Answer :

Total number of balls :- 18

Number of black balls:- 4

Number of white balls:- 6

Number of Red balls:- 8

(a) Since there are 14 balls which are red and white colour, so the total number of favourable cases becomes = 14

Total number of balls = 18

P(Red or white) =

(b) Not black balls mean that red or white is drawn.

Total number of balls = 18

P(Not black) =

(c) Neither white nor black means that the ball is drawn are red

Total Number of favourable cases = 8

P(Neither white Nor black) =

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