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Draw an angle of 40°. Copy its supplementary angle.

Answer :

Step 1: Draw any arbitrary line AB and with the help of a compass draw its bisector CD.

Step 2: Measure AE and draw a quarter arc with the compass placing on A.Repeat for EB.

Step 3: With the same measurement draw an arc from E. Join H and I.mark the intersection of CD and HI as J. Join AJ. Measure angle JAB.

Supplementary angle:

Step 1: Extend BA to K. From E, draw an arc of any radius on the supplement of 40.

Step 2: Draw another line OP and using the compass with the above length draw an arc with O as centre.

Step 3: Measure ML. Draw an arc from Q with the measurement of ML. Join to form OT. Measure angle TOP=135.

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