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During the medical check-up of 35 students of a class, their weights were recorded as follows:

Draw a less than type ogive for the given data. Hence obtain the median weight from the graph and verify the result by using the formula

Answer :

The frequency distribution table of less than type graph is as follows:


Taking upper class interval on x-axis and their respective frequencies on y-axis, ogive will be:

Here, N = 35

Mark the point A whose ordinate is 17.5 and is x-ordinate is 46.5.


Median of the data is 46.5


It can be observed that the difference between two consecutive upper class limits is 2

The class marks with respective frequencies are obtained below:

We can see that the cumulative frequency is greater than n/2 and is 28 which belongs to the interval 46-48


Median class = 46-48

Lower limit, l = 46

cf = 14

f = 14

h = 2


Median can be calculated as:

= 46.5

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