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The following data gives the distribution of total monthly household expenditure of 200 families of a village. Find the modal monthly expenditure of the families. Also, find the mean monthly expenditure:

Answer :

As per the question:

Modal class = 1500-2000

l = 1500

h = 500

f1 = 40

f0 = 24

f2 = 33

Formula for calculating mode is

l = lower limit of modal class
f1 = frequency of the modal class
f0 = frequency of the class before modal class
f2 = frequency of the class after modal class
h = width of modal class 



= 1500 + 347.82

= 1847.82

Mode of the data is Rs.1847.82

The above given data can be represented in the form of table as below:

Hence, the mean can be calculated as below:

where a = assumed mean
fi = frequency of the ith class
h is the class width


Mean = 2750 -87.5

Mean = Rs. 2662.50 

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