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A lot consists of 48 mobile phones of which 42 are good, 3 have only minor defects and 3 have major defects. Varnika will buy a phone, if it is good but the trader will only buy a mobile, if it has no major defect. One phone is selected at random from the lot. What is the probability that it is

(i) acceptable to Varnika?

(ii) acceptable to the trader?

Answer :

Given, total number of mobile phones

n(S) = 48

(i) Let E1 = Event that Varnika will buy a mobile phone

= Varnika buy only, if it is good mobile

n(E1) = 42

(ii) Let E2 = Event that trader will buy only when it has no major defects

= Trader will buy only 45 mobiles

n(E) = 45

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