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Draw a right triangle in which the sides (other than hypotenuse) are of lengths 4 cm and 3 cm. Then construct another triangle whose sides are  times the corresponding sides of the given triangle.

Answer :

Steps of construction:

  1. Now in order to make a triangle, draw a line segment AB = 3 cm.

2. Make a right angle at point A and draw AC = 4 cm from this point.

3.  Join points A and B to get the right triangle ABC.

4. Now, Dividing the base, draw a ray AX such at it forms an acute angle from AB.

5. Then, plot 5 points on AX such that:

AG = GH = HI = IJ = JK.

6. Join I to point line AB and Draw a line from K which is parallel to IB such that it meets AB at point M.

7. Draw MN || CB.

This is the required construction, thus forming AMN which have all the sides 5/3 times the sides of ABC

Triangle AMN is the required triangle.


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