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Draw a line, say

Answer :

Given: (i) a line AB

(ii) a point C outside it

To construct: a line parallel to AB passing through C

Steps for construction

Step 1: We have to draw a line segment AB and take a point c outside AB.

Step 2: We have to take any point D on AB and join C to D.

Step 3 : Taking D as a center , we have to draw an arc cutting AB at E and CD at F.

Step 4: Taking C as a center and same radius as in step 3, we have to draw an arc GH cutting CD at I.

Step 5 : We have to draw an arc cutting GH at J and taking I as center, keeping the length of the arc same as EF

Step 6: Join JC to draw a line L

Line l is parallel to AB

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Draw a line, say NCERT Mathematics

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