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Represent on the number line.

Answer :

Step 1: Draw a line segment AB of 9.3 unit. Then, extend it to C so that BC = 1 unit.

Step 2: Now, AC = 10.3 units. Find the center of AC and mark it as O

Step 3: Draw a semi-circle with radius OC and center O.

Step 4: Draw a perpendicular line BD to AC at point B intersecting the semi-circle at D. And then, join OD

Step 5: Now, OBD is a right angled triangle

Here, OD (Radius of semi-circle)


BC = 1

Then,  OB = OC – BC

Using Pythagoras theorem,

OD2 = BD2 + OB2

()2 = BD2 + ()2

BD2 = ()2 - ()2

BD2 = ( ) ( + )

BD2 = 9.3


Thus, the length of BD is

Step 6: Taking BD as radius and B as the center, construct an arc which touches the line segment.

Now, the point where it touches the line segment is at a distance of from O as shown in the figure below

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