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State whether the statements are True or False.

The sum of an integer and its additive inverse is zero (0).

Answer :

We can easily depict the statement using an easy example.

First, we need to know what integers are - Integers are whole numbers that can be positive, negative or zero.

Let us take an integer, 4.

Now, its additive inverse = -4 [ Additive numbers are basically negative or opposite number]

Sum of this integer and its additive inverse = 4 + (-4)

Sum = 4 – 4 [ a + (-a) = a – a; since plus minus is equal to minus]

Sum = 0

This result is true for any integer a, where ‘a’ is any whole number, that is positive, negative or zero.

So, we can say that the sum of an integer and its additive inverse is zero.

Thus, this is a true statement.

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